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How Aviron Transitioned to Direct-to-Consumer Fulfillment


“十大网赌线上网址 has done a great job of full-funnel management and support across the experience.”

- Andy Hoang, founder and CEO of Aviron

Aviron Chooses 十大网赌线上网址 to Unlock Wide Scalability and Better Service

Keeping customers happy and offering guaranteed delivery are top priorities for all shippers. And now by putting the power of the 十大网赌线上网址 TMS to work, Aviron, a producer of smart rowing machines, is well poised to handle a 700% growth projection through 2021 with better LTL shipping and digital management. In this case study, we take a look at what Aviron has managed to accomplish thus far with a higher service level and increased throughput, including:

  • Recognizing the increased need for a consultative resource like 十大网赌线上网址 for scalability.
  • Gaining more visibility with real-time shipping rates and delivery timelines from carriers.
  • Increasing customer service levels by using customer registration for tracking data notifications and delivery updates.
  • Significantly fewer damage claims and more.

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